Is someone you love struggling with a substance use disorder?

Are you at your wit's end? Are your nerves shot? Do you wonder how to make it from day to day? I offer a family program of recovery that includes "Be a Loving Mirror" (BALM ® ) family recovery life coaching AND a BALM ® education. You can transform yourself from a nervous wreck - waiting for the other shoe to drop - into a calm, compassionate, objective listener. You can learn how to suspend your judgment and let go of fears. You will then be able to effectively communicate and be more authentic with your loved one with a substance use disorder. The BALM ® Family Education Program is designed to teach families a proven method to help them increase their own sanity as well as their loved one's chance at recovery. 

 Participants will learn how to:

  • Set and stick to boundaries

  • Be their loved one's best chance

  • Erase judgments of their loved one

  • Become aware of triggers for relapse

  • Let go of mental obsessions

  • Regain long lost inner calm

  • Achieve peace in the home

This program is for you if you are:

  • Family members of a person with a substance use disorder in treatment, therapy, or recovery coaching
  • Parents of a person with an addiction in prison, after-care programs, or halfway houses 
  • Spouse, children, or siblings of a person with a substance problem
  • Parents of teens struggling with excessive experimentation in high school or college
  • Anyone concerned about a friend or loved one's drinking or drugging

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